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Motor Vehicle / DWI

Motor Vehicle / DWI
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The following information is needed in addition to the original Motion for Judgment of Acquittal and for Expungement with a DWI or Motor Vehicle charge that reflects a sentence under Criminal Code Procedure Article 894.

This documentation is required by the Department of Motor Vehicles in Baton Rouge. The Clerk of Court does not set these requirements.

The following information is to be provided if you are applying to have a DWI expunged:

  • You must have been sentenced under Article 894 for the Department of Motor Vehicles to have a record of your charge. If the minutes of your sentencing do not reflect Article 894, you are not eligible for a Motion of Expungement. You will need to contact an Attorney of Law for any additional assistance.
  • Put your Driver?s License Number on the personal information section of the Motion of Acquittal and Motion for Expungement
  • Certified copy of Waiver of Constitutional Rights and Plea of Guilty (Clerk of Court)
  • Certified copy of Court Sentencing Minutes. (Clerk of Court)
  • Certified copy of Bill of Information. (Clerk of Court)
  • Letter of completion on supervised or unsupervised probation (Safety Counsel - for unsupervised and Probation Office for supervised). Certificate or letter of completion if you were sentenced to community service or any training courses. Also if any fines were to be paid a letter of completion will be needed also.

The above documentation and fee is in addition to the requirements to file for a Motion for Acquittal and for Expungement.


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