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List of Personnel and Their Functions in Court

  • Judge - an officer who is elected to preside and to administer the law in a court of justice.
  • District Attorney - (D.A.) - the prosecuting officer who represents the state in criminal trials, or ...
  • Plaintiff - the party who complains or sues in a civil action.
  • Defendant - the party summoned to answer a charge or complaint in civil or criminal law; the party against whom an action or suit is filed.
  • Lawyer - (Attorney, Counsel) the legal representative of a party in a trial.
  • Bailiff - an administrative officer of the court who attends to the needs of the Judge, Jurors, witnesses, and court.
  • Court Reporter - a person responsible for the taking and transcribing of formal or official presentations of facts, evidence, and legal procedures in a trial.
  • Minute Clerk - a deputy clerk of court who administers the oath to Jurors and witnesses and who's duty it is to keep the minutes of the court.
  • Witness - a person who gives testimony concerning the issue being


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