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Your Role as a Juror

Prior to being called to Court you will be instructed to wait in the Jury Pool Room located on the 1st floor of the Calcasieu Parish Judicial Center. There is a television and some reading materials. You may want to bring a light sweater or jacket and bring your own reading materials. The building does have a snack bar.
When you are sent to a court room, you need only to act the way most people naturally act; be alert, courteous and honest about your feelings and opinions on issues.
In the event that you are seated as a Juror, give your undivided attention to the evidence that is presented. In that Courtroom you are to follow the orders and instructions of the Judge presiding over that Court. Above all, remember, that it is your duty to make an impartial decision based on the evidence and information that is set before you.
If you have any problem (such as being unable to hear a witness), any urgent questions or requests, you may ask the Bailiff to notify the Judge, who will handle your request.
After you have heard all the evidence, and each Attorney has summed up his case, the Judge will instruct you on the law that applies to the facts you will consider. You will then be escorted to the Jury Deliberation Room where you and your fellow Jurors will deliberate. Don't be afraid to speak out as you and your fellow Jurors go over the evidence. At the same time, respect the opinions of others when they seem reasonable. If your fellow Jurors can show you that your viewpoint isn't sound, yield gracefully. But if you honestly believe your reasoning is better, hold firm. The whole concept of a jury is based on the assumption that the people on it will come to a decision after full and frank discussion, and calm, unbiased reasoning.


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