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Jury Management

Anyone with a summons date of
December 2019 or later

The Judges of the 14th Judicial District Court, the Calcasieu Parish Clerk of Court and the Jury Management Staff, welcome you and congratulate you as a fellow participant in the administration of justice.
The jury system - the right to trial by a jury of your peers - is the cornerstone of American justice and, as a Juror; you will actually be a Judge and make a substantial contribution to the American justice system.
The Judges know that your time is valuable and that you are putting aside many important tasks in order to do your civic duty and serve as a Juror and we are sure that you will find your jury service has been a fruitful and rewarding experience.
Before you arrive at the courthouse, we take every step within our power to see that the cases set for trial during your jury service are ready to go to trial. However, with the crowded dockets of today, in Lake Charles, there are often conflicts in the schedules of the Judges and the Attorneys involved, and there are often some preliminary matters still pending in a given case which must be disposed of before the jury is called - witnesses sometimes do not show up and must be located, last minute motions are filed by Attorneys and a myriad of other things may happen which require some delay before the jury panel can be called to the courtroom.
The Judge respectfully requests your indulgence in these matters, which are unavoidable and hope that you will understand if you must wait, sometimes for considerable periods, before being called. We assure you we do everything possible to make your jury service as short and efficient as possible.

You must call the recorded message at (337) 721-3110 (Press 2 or 3) The night before you are summoned to report and follow the instructions as given.
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