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Minute Clerk Division

Minute Clerks are responsible for the handling of all records and evidence while in Court, issuing bench warrants and all appropriate notices, and the taking of minutes. Minutes are brief summaries of what occurred for each individual case before the Court. After each Court session, the Minute Clerk is responsible for typing the minutes in the Judges' Minute Book for each division of the Court.

The criminal data entry personnel post all Bills of Information/Indictment into our computer system and randomly assigns each bill to a division of the Court, if required. They also process all Pen Packets for the Calcasieu Correctional Center, Registrar of Voters and the Office of Probation and Parole. A Pen Packet is a copy of the Bill of Information/Indictment and the minutes of the defendant's sentence. Additionally they post all amendments to each bill and post all RC information. RC is the defendant's information from "Right to Counsel" Court, which is on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week.

Defendant (Jail) Mail personnel - process mail received daily from defendants that are incarcerated, such as motions or requests regarding their case. The Jail Mail personnel are available to provide information related to the defendant's case and forward their motions or request on to the 14th Judicial Judge's Office. After review the Judge returns the documents for processing.

All work that is filed and processed will be post to the defendant's case.

An Expungements is a process in which an individual can have a charge taken off of his record only if the charge falls in line with the requirements of the law. You will need to file with the court a Motion for Expungement or a Motion for Judgment of Acquittal and for Expungement (if you were sentence for a charge). The Motion must be approved by the Office of the Calcasieu Parish District Attorney and by a 14th Judicial Judge. Once these two individuals approve the Motion and you have all of the necessary documents the Office of the Calcasieu Parish Clerk of Court will process the request.

The Office of the Calcasieu Parish Clerk of Court can assist individuals seeking an Expungement by providing you with the Information Required Form as well as a blank copy of the form needed to be completed by the individual to file their Motion for Expungement or Motion for Judgment of Acquittal and for Expungement.

For copies of minutes contact the Records Departments; Civil for Civil Minutes and Criminal for Criminal Minutes.

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