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Mortgages & Conveyances

Conveyance Records: The Conveyance Index is organized by names of Vendor (seller) and Vendee (buyer). They are listed in date order received for recording by the Clerk of Court. These records contain real estate transactions such as Deeds, Exchanges, Partitions, Judgment of Possessions, Land Leases, Oil and Gas Leases, Royalty Deeds, right of Ways and other instruments, the effect of which is to transfer real property or interest and rights therein.
Mortgage Records: The Mortgage Indexing is organized by name of Mortgagor (debtor) and by Mortgagee (payee). They are listed in date order received for recording by the Clerk of Court. These records contain Mortgages, Judgments, Liens, and other encumbrances affecting real estate.
Special Note: due to fire on April 23, 1910 many of our early records are incomplete. Some were saved and others restored but many of our 1800-1910 records have been lost.
Miscellaneous Records: The Miscellaneous Index includes such things as Bond Records, Partnerships, Assumed Name and Covenant Marriages, and Plats, to name a few.
Cancellations: This department is responsible for affecting cancellations on mortgage record books when the proper authority is presented. There are different types of authorities presented to the Clerk of Court depending on what type of encumbrance needs to be cancelled. All note and authorizations are kept on record with the Clerk of Court after they are presented for cancellation. The Clerk of Court issues a Certificate of Cancellation for proof of the encumbrance that has been cancelled.
Searches: The department staff is available to perform limited land record searches for the public. The office does charge $1.00 per page for copies.
Searching for property by address:
The Clerk has posted residential home sales in Calcasieu Parish since 2005 from the mortgages filed with our office and is updated every few days. This database may be accessed by clicking this link
The Louisiana Tax Commission has a statewide database that is more complete compiled from Louisiana Tax records.
Both databases are accessible to the public free of charge.
Residential Home Sales


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