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Fee Schedule

UCC-1 (one debtor) Fees reflected below include a $5 prepaid termination fee

Financing Statement $30
Financing Statement with Assignment$35
Financing Statement relative to "as extracted collateral" or fixture filing$40
Financing Statement (Transmitting Utility)$205
Financing Statement (Transmitting Utility and fixture filing)$215
Financing Statement (Public Finance Transaction)$105
Financing Statement (Public Finance Transaction and fixture filing)$115
Attachments$2 each
Additional Debtor Names$10 each
Non-standard* Form Fee$15

*Anything other than the National Financing Statement forms or the Louisiana Financing Statement forms

UCC-3 (one debtor)

Amendment $25
Master Assignment/Amendment$5 per
Termination ($5 per debtor name paid at time of original filing)N/A
Additional debtors named on original $5 each


Information Statement $25

UCC-11 Search

UCC Certificate* (per debtor name) $30
Copies of documents$2 per page
Certification of copies$5 each

*Additional $1 for each listing more than ten

UCC-1F and UCC-3F Central Registry Filings

UCC and Crop filing $35*
Crop filing$20*
Amendments, Continuations, Assignments$20*

*These are flat fees. No additional charges are assessed for additional debtors and/or attachments.

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